First-time User Setup

  • This section will provide extensive guides on how to set up and modify your user account on Abivin vRoute, including:
  • Update account information
  • Change Sign-in password
  • Reset forgotten Sign-in password

Username and Password rules

Username rules

  • Username must not contain special characters (Not letters and numbers) and spaces
  • Username is case sensitive. You must log in using the correct username with uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, if you register with an username of John_Doe, you won't be able to login if you type john_doe or JOHN_DOE

Password rules

  • A strong password will help your organization protect privacy, prevent cyber attacks and data theft. Therefore, we have employed a rigorous set of rules to ensure threats are as minimal as possible
  • A strong password is one that complies with the following rules
  • Rule #1. Contains uppercase letters
  • Rule #2. Contains lowercase letters
  • Rule #3. Contains numbers
  • Rule #4. Contains at least one special characters (Characters that are not numbers and letters, including ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~ " and spaces)
  • Rule #5. Is at least eight characters long
  • As you input the password, a checklist will appear on the right side to help you see what rules you have met. Rules that have been met will have the corresponding icon turn from gray to green
  • On the checklist, you can click on the link How to create a strong password?. It will direct you right to this section

Illustration (English)


Illustration (Vietnamese)


User Account Protection

To secure your account, do not disclose your username and password to unauthorized personnel. You are strongly advised to store your account information in a password manager. We highly recommend using Keepass for this purpose.

Log in to your account

  • After you have successfully registered, you can now freely log in to your account on Web app
  • Below is the login screen of the Web app

Illustration (English)

  • You can click on the language button at the bottom left of the screen to select the appropriate language
  • To log in, input your username/email and password into Username or email and Password fields
  • If you don't want to input your password from now on, click on the check box Remember Password
  • Then, click on the blue Sign In button
  • In case you forget your password, click on the text Forgot Password. You will be directed to a new site to reset your password
  • After logging in for the first time, the Web app will appear like below:

Illustration (English)


Illustration (Vietnamese)

  • Now you can start creating the first resource of your account - The Organizations. Please refer to the Manage Organizations articles of each model to know how to set up the Organizations
  • System user guide for customers logging into the system for the first time:

Edit account information

To edit your profile, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on your Username, click on Edit Profile
  • The Edit your profile form will appear

Illustration (English)

  • Change the information you want, including:
  • Full Name: The full name of the user, which will show up next to the profile picture
  • Email: Email address of the user, once changed all new emails will be sent to the new email address instead of the old one
  • Time: The user can choose to receive notifications for half of the day (12 hours) only, or the whole day (24 hours). This setting is now obsolete
  • Notifications setting: Choose Receive notification to receive in-app notifications (On both Web app and Mobile app), similar to this:

Example of notification on Web app


Example of notification on Mobile app

  • If you don't wish to receive notifications, choose Refused to receive notifications
  • You can also upload a profile picture to personalize your account by clicking on Choose file and select the desired photo from your computer
  • It's best to use a round or square profile picture, so that the system can display it properly. The picture size should be less than 500 KBs
  • Click on Save Profile to confirm the changes

Change login password

  • It is a good practice to change your password regularly in order to secure your account. To do so, please follow the steps below:

Change login password on Web app

  • Click on your Username on the top right of the Web app, then click on Change password on the drop down menu
  • You will be directed to the Change Password screen. Input the current password in Current Password field, then input the new password in New Password and Verify Password fields, then click on Change password
  • The Password Rules described above will apply
  • A notification Password changed successfully will pop out. You can now login using the new password

Change login password on Mobile app

Reset forgotten login password

  • In case you forgot the login password, you can follow these steps to create a new password for your account:
  • Go to the Login page, click on Forgot password?
  • You will be directed to the Forgot Password screen. Enter your Username in the field then click on Email me a recovery link
736 747
  • A notification will appear, announcing that an email with the instruction has been sent to the email address linked with your account
  • If you haven't received the password recovery email yet, click on Send me another link. The system will send another email

Illustration (English)


Illustration (Vietnamese)

  • On your email account, open the recovery email and click on the link provided in the email content, you will then be directed to the Change Password screen

Illustration (English)


Illustration (Vietnamese)

  • Input the new password in both the New Password and Verify Password fields, then click on Change Password
  • The Password Rules described above will apply
  • A popup that reads Password changed successfully will show up
  • You will be redirected back to the Login page. Use the new password to log in to your account

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