Why I cannot use the Mobile App?

When using the Mobile App, users may face some common issues such as Screen errors, Loading errors, Unable to take picture or get coordinates. This document will explain popular circumstances before suggesting some solutions for those.

1. Mobile App errors related to Screen error or Loading error:


Long-loading screen


Blurry screen


  • Due to Intnernet connection.
  • Due to background apps in the device.

Solution: Follow these options below to find a proper solution for your situation:

  • Check your Wifi connection or Mobile device.
  • Delete background apps.
  • Clear cache on your Mobile device.
  • Turn on and off the Abivin app.
  • Log-out and Log-in the Abivin app.
  • Reset your device.
  • Delete the Abivin app and re-download it on the app market.

Clearing cache on Mobile device



In case there are number of drivers being unable to use the Mobile App, please send us a direct message for urgent support.

2. Mobile App errors related to GPS errors (mostly happen with Android):


GPS is not granted to use


Turn on Google location high accuracy


Cannot get coordinates


  • GPS is not turned on.
  • Google location high accuracy is not turned on.
  • Device cannot get coordinates.

Solution: Follow these options below to find a proper solution for your situation:

  • If the device displays a pop-up at the bottom of your device screen stated that "GPS is not granted to use", please go to your device setting to turn the GPS on.
  • If the Google location high accuracy is not turned on, the app wil not allow drivers conduct tasks unless they choose "OK" on the appeared pop-up.
  • If the Mobile app pop-up a notification showing that it cannot get the coordinates, please try these options below:
    • Turn on and off the GPS.
    • Reset the mobile device together with checking the Internet connection.

3. Your mobile divice has no signal


Some solution to re-connect the signal:

  • Restart your phone or turn on and off the "Flight Mode" on your device to re-connect the signal.
  • Check the SIM tray to see if your phone had received the SIM card.

4. Your Mobile device has no or weak network


Solution: Restart your device.

  • This may sound simple, but sometimes it's all you need to do to fix poor connectivity issues.
  • If restarting doesn't fix the problem, switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi:
    Step 1: Go to Settings application and press on "Wireless and networks" or "Connect". Depending on your device, these options may vary.
    Step 2: Turn off Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data then check if there is anything different. If not, turn off mobile data then turn on Wi-Fi and see if that fixes the problem.

5. Your phone storage is full

When you take a photo to check in, the Abivin's Mobile application will display a "Loading" message for a long time without processing while your phone is still full of signal and network, your phone may be full of memory.


Solution: Please remove all unused applications and delete unnecessary images in your phone to free up the memory.

6. The Mobile App is unable to use


Try one of these methods below:

  • Check your device network and signal.
  • Clear cache and delete unused app.
  • Sign out and re-login the Mobile App.
  • Reset your device.



Above are some common circumstances happening when files are not able to uploaded. In case your issues are not belonged to those, please ask directly for support via our Abivin Chat Support on the Mobile App. Follow the below instruction to get support:

Step 1: Press on the [Chat box] button on the Mobile App.


Step 2: Choose the Language to chat with our Customer Support.


Step 3: Describe your issue including the screenshots (attach to message), your account (Username, password). Our Customer Support will answer and give you direction in the fastest time.