Route Optimization

Make decision on the forwarded order

  • You are the administrator of the Transporter. After the dispatcher of the corporation assigns the order to your organization, you will be notified on Web app
  • To make decision on the forwarded order, follow the steps below:
  • Navigate to Orders > Sales Orders tab
  • Click on the icon of the order you want to make decision. When the icon turns into , that means the order has been selected
  • Now you can decide whether to accept or refuse that order

Accept the forwarded order and assign to a vehicle

  • If you want to accept the order and assign it to one of your vehicles, after the order has been selected, click on To Vehicle button
  • The Assign Vehicle to Order form will appear. Here you need to select the vehicle which you want to assign the order to
  • You can input the Vehicle Code or Username of the default driver into the search bar to filter faster
  • After you have selected the appropriate vehicle, click on Assign

Refuse the forwarded order

  • If, for some reasons, you don't want to accept the forwarded order, you can click on the icon of that order
  • The dispatcher of the corporation will be notified on their Web app and will possibly select another transporter for the order you've just refused

Perform route optimization

  • After you have assigned all forwarded orders to the appropriate vehicles, you can now proceed to perform route optimization for those orders
  • Navigate to Transportation > Vehicle List tab
  • Click on the icon View Map on the toolbar
  • You will be directed to the Map Screen
  • A form will appear. Here you will need to select your own organization from the Branch field, then select the date on which you want to perform route optimization from the Date field
  • Click on the field below the text Branch, and select your organization from the drop down menu. Next, click on the field below the text Date, and select the appropriate date from the drop down calendar
  • Then, click on Select
  • The system will gather all orders planned to be performed on the selected date, and allocate them to the vehicles that you have assigned earlier
  • Now, click on Lock Route button at the bottom of the Timeline panel to lock the routes of those orders and create delivery tasks for the vehicle drivers on their Mobile app