Intermodal Container Transport – Road Model

  • Road transport is a form of freight transportation that moves goods in containers on trailers attached to semi-trucks. This mode of transport is very popular and is used by suppliers and businesses to deliver orders.
  • In the next articles we will be outlining about how the freight drivers can perform shipment tasks within Abivin vRoute mobile app


Some notes about the Mobile app

  • The Mobile app for this model has only been developed for Android devices, not yet for iOS devices
  • The app interface is optimized for tablets. You might find it inconvenient to use the app on smartphones, due to the smaller screen sizes
  • [IMPORTANT] In order for the terminal tractor driver to be able to see and perform the assigned shipments, the IMEI or MAC Address of the tablet equipped for the terminal tractor must have been input in the terminal tractor database on Web app. Refer to this article for instruction: Manage Terminal Tractors