Jan 11, 2023 - Release Note

  • Create sample data when the customer guides customers when using the system for the first time.
  • New order - the order is newly added to the sale order tab after the coordinator sets the route, and will be displayed in the map-view screen.
  • Update import sample file: Partner Group, Vehicle.
  • And fixes some bugs.

New features

** Create sample data when the customer successfully registers

  • Successful registration and login to the system for the first time or the account have no data on the system, the screen will display an optional popup:
    • Yes, create sample data, please. (1)
    • Let's create data together. (2)
  • If the user option selects (1) then continue with the following specifications:
  • Detect registrants located in Vietnam or outside Vietnam to know how to create datasets according to the rules:
    • If the location is in Vietnam: Create a dataset in Vietnamese and the data of intersections in Hanoi city.
    • If the place is outside Vietnam: Create the dataset in English and the data of automatic delivery points in Singapore.
  • The system will make sample data available to the user:
    • Organization: Manufacturer, Branch, Depot.
  • Customers: 10 sample customers, the customer address must be randomly generated according to the user's location or within the country in which the user has registered.
  • Products: 20 sample products.
  • Order: 10 sample orders, with the delivery date being the date the user successfully registered.
  • Vehicles: 5 Vehicles, details such as weight, consultation volume.
  • Vehicle type: 3 types: 2 Ton, 5 Ton, and 15 Ton vehicles.
  • Planning:
  • Button Delete sample data: Delete sample data created when the user option selects (1)
  • If the user chooses (2), the system will guide the user through the steps to create: Organization, Partners, Product, Order, Transport, and Planning.

** Display new order list at bulk action on the map view screen

  • In the new order tab at unplanned order
  • Orders with an order date (Order Date) being the route date under consideration, are added after the coordinator plans the route. The purpose is for the coordinator to drag and drop directly into the route.
  • The new menu list will be displayed with the drop list so that the user can easily drag and drop it into the route


** Import Partner Group

  • When importing, the file will remove the column Clustering Group Type, which the system automatically detects according to the config selected in the Branch.
  • When exporting the file, the Clustering Group Type column in the file is still displayed

** Rename the "Default driving" header in the file import Vehicle

  • Rename in the template file import Vehicle: Default Driver to Driver Username
  • Driver Username when creating without accents, special characters

Bug Fixes

  • Import order is duplicated.
  • Block does not allow deletion of Organization is of type Manufacture.
  • With PNS's account, the new menu list is not displayed.
  • Can't delete multiple orders at once.