Service Level Agreement

Below is a summary of the Service Level Agreement for the Abivin vRoute system.

Levels of criticalness

Levels of criticalness are classified by useful capacity of the system when problem occurs:

  • High: System performance affects 10% or more users
  • Medium: System performance affects more than 1% to less than 10% of users
  • Low: System performance affects less than 1% of users

Definition of Working Time

Time is calculated by the number of working hours (if less than one (1) working day) or the number of working days. A workday comprises of eight hours, defined as a weekday from Monday to Friday. Abivin working hours are from 08:30 to 18:00. The working day shall not include public holidays regulated by the government of Vietnam, for example: 30 April, 1 May, 2 September, etc. The applied time zone is GMT+7.

Notifications of problem sent to Party A apart from the above-mentioned working time shall be received at the earliest official working time.

The method of receiving troubleshooting report

Problems shall be received in three ways:.

  • Abivin Chat Support on Web and Mobile vRoute applications. Customers access and log into Abivin vRoute account, ask for support with detailed issues' description.
  • Abivin Email Support. Customers can send a direct email which contains their facing issues to [email protected] to ask for support.
  • Instant Message Channels. Customers can ask for support directly via instant message channels based on the agreement between Abivin and customers.

Time of reception and solving problem

After receiving problem report from customers, Abivin’s time of reply/confirmation will depend on degree of seriousness: High, Medium or Low:

  • High: within 2 working hours, since receiving the report
  • Medium: within 8 working hours, since receiving the report
  • Low: within 2 working day, since receiving the report

Time of solving problem

After confirming the problem and its degree of seriousness, Abivin’s time of solving problems will depend on its degree of seriousness: High, Medium or Low:

  • High: within 8 working hours, since confirming
  • Medium: within 2 working days, since confirming
  • Low: within 5 working days, since confirming

Compensation from Abivin to customer

If Abivin extends the deadline of solving problem, customer will receive credit discount in the invoice of next month, the figure of discount depends on problem’s degree of seriousness:

  • High: 10% credit discount on the invoice of next month
  • Medium: 8% credit discount on the invoice of next month
  • Low: 5% credit discount on the invoice of next month

Requirements of successful compensation

To receive compensation of any kind, customer must inform Abivin’s Technical Support Department within 7 days by document/paper or via email since customer’s confirm of eligibility to receive compensation. Customer also needs to provide proof of system error/problem (screenshots, etc.) and time, date of error occurring. In case these requirements are not fulfilled, customer will lose their rights to receive compensation. In case of litigation, Abivin will try their best to determine based on system’s specification, management report and other data/information to help customer check the requirements.