Manage Tasks

  • Throughout the delivery process of the order, you can keep track of the status of the mobile tasks on Web app, using the Task function
  • As you lock a Delivery Route during the Route Plan Optimization process, the tasks of all Orders on that Delivery Route will be generated automatically over at the tab Tasks > Task List

Search and filter tasks

Search tasks based on Order Date

  • On this tab, to search for the tasks of a specific Order, first click on the first date range field (On the right of the search bar). On the drop down calendars, select the date range which contains the attribute Order Date of the Order you're finding

Search tasks based on task creation date

  • You can search tasks by their creation dates by clicking on the second date range field (The one that reads Filter By Created At), select the appropriate date range from the drop down calendars

Search task based on Task Code

  • To search for a particular task, you can input the specific Task Code of that task into the search bar

Filter tasks

  • You can filter tasks based on the following attributes: Order Code, Organizations; Driver; Status, Action
  • The steps to filter are described below:
  • 1 - Click on the column title of the attribute you want to use as filter
  • 2 - On the drop down list, click on the check box of the attribute value by which you want to filter tasks
  • In the images below, we have illustrated the process to filter tasks based on Order Code
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Task details

  • Below are the information of a task
Column titleDescription
Task CodeManagement code of the task
Order CodeThe Order to which the task is associated
Task NameName of the task
OrganizationsThe Depot from where the Order originated
Assigned toThe Driver who delivered the Order
CustomerThe customer who placed the Order
Created AtThe time point when the Order was created
Start DateThe time point when the task should have been started as planned
Due dateThe time point when the task should have been finished as planned
Completion DateThe time point when the task was actually finished
This time point is the time point when the tasks was successfully submitted from the Mobile app to the Web app
ResultsResult of the task
StatusStatus of the task
Below are the possible statuses:
ActionThe action associated with the task
  • To view the details of submitted tasks (Tasks which have the status value to be Completed), click on the icon Submit under the column Edit
  • Upon clicking on the icon Submit , you will be directed to the task detail screen. On this screen, you can view the documents (Check-in, Check-out photos, Electronic Proof of Delivery, Customer signature etc.) that have been submitted from the Mobile app

Note when searching/filtering tasks

  • You can combine the search/filter functions to increase result accuracy. Note that when you combine two date ranges (Order Date and Order creation date), those two date ranges must have overlapping range, else there would be no result
  • Selecting date range exceed 07 days is discouraged, because that could very likely cause system unstability due to too many tasks