Configurations by Organization type


The configurations mentioned below are compulsory for this model

Configurations for Transporter


  • In order for the below configurations to appear, you need to correctly set up the modules for the User group that your User accounts belong in. Refer to the following article for instruction: Manage User groups

Shipment Type

  • Section: Mobile
  • Specify the Mode of transport for the shipments. With this model, you have to select the following mode: By Barge

Shipment Device ID Type

  • Section: Mobile
  • In this model, each barge is equipped with a mobile device (A tablet to be specific). The barge captain will use the equipped tablets to submit shipment tasks, instead of their own mobile phones. The shipments therefore will need to be tracked by the vehicles (Barges), not by the users (Barge captains). This configuration will help the dispatchers manage the shipments by vehicles and track the current location of the barges
  • There are two options:
  • Option 1: IMEI. The tablets equipped on the barges will be managed by their IMEIs
  • Option 2: MAC Address. The tablets equipped on the barges will be managed by their MAC Addresses
  • For detailed instruction, refer to the following article: Manage Barges