Consumer App

Minimum system requirements

To run Abivin vRoute Consumer Mobile app smoothly, we recommend users to use devices with these minimum system requirements:

  • iPhone: iPhone 5; iOS 6; RAM: 1GB; Internal storage: 16GB
  • Android: Android 7.0; RAM: 1.5GB; Internal storage: 16GB

Download Mobile app

Download Mobile app on iOS

  • You can download Abivin Consumer mobile app for iOS from this link: Abivin Consumer

Download Mobile app on Android

  • You can download Abivin Consumer mobile app for Android from this link: Abivin Consumer

Signup new account

  • On the Login screen, tap on the text Sign Up. You will be navigated to the Sign Up screen
  • To sign up for a new account, input your information in the fields below: Username; Phone Number; Email; Password; Confirm Password

Password rules

  • A strong password will help your organization protect privacy, prevent cyber attacks and data theft. Therefore, we have employed a rigorous set of rules to ensure threats are as minimal as possible
  • A strong password is one that complies with the following rules
  • Rule #1. Contains uppercase letters
  • Rule #2. Contains lowercase letters
  • Rule #3. Contains numbers
  • Rule #4. Contains at least one special characters (Characters that are not numbers and letters, including ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~ " and spaces)
  • Rule #5. Is at least eight characters long

Login Abivin Consumer app

  • After you have successfully installed Abivin Consumer Mobile app, the app icon will appear on the screen
  • To open the app, tap on its icon

Login with Username and Password

  • After tapping on the app icon, the Sign In screen will appear. Enter your Username and Password then tap on Sign In button

Login with Username and fingerprint

  • This is an easy, timesaving way to log in to your account, using only your fingerprint
  • To log in with your fingerprint, first you will have to enable that feature
  • Log in with your Username and Password as described above
  • Access the setting section, then tap on Settings
  • Tap on the toggle icon Fingerprint , input your password then tap on OK. When that icon turns to , that means the function has been enabled
  • Now you can log in to your account by inputting your username, then tapping on the fingerprint icon on the log in screen. Then, tap your fingerprint on the home button of your mobile device, the same as when you unlock your device screen

Order Placement

  • The Order placement process is into three separated phased:
  • Phase 1: Product selection
  • Phase 2: Shipping information declaration
  • Phase 3: Payment method selection

Phase 1: Product selection

  • Tap on Product tab to view the product list
  • Swipe the product list up and down to find the wanted product
  • Alternatively, you could tap on the search field, input the Product Name there to filter the wanted product faster
  • You can also tap on the Product category icon near the top right of the screen. A list of all product categories will drop down. Tap on the appropriate product category (Or categories), the screen will automatically filter the products that belong to the selected product categories. Tap on the category icon again to hide it
  • To add a product to your cart, tap on the price field of that product. A form will pop out. On this form will show the details of that product. You can select the size and quantity of the product. Next, tap on Add to cart. The product will be added to your cart
  • Repeat these steps for other products. As you add a product to your cart, the number indicator of the cart icon on the top right of the screen will update accordingly, representing the products currently put in your cart
  • After you have selected all wanted products, tap on the cart icon. You will be navigated to the Shopping cart screen. The first tab you will encounter on this screen is the Cart tab. On this tab, you can review and make changes to the order, such as changing the product quantity (By tapping on the corresponding + and - icons), remove a product from the order (By tapping on the corresponding waste basket icon)

Phase 2: Shipping information declaration

  • After finish reviewing the order, tap on Next, you will be directed to the Shipping Information tab. On this tab, you need to input the recipient information: Name, Phone Number, Address so that the Deliveryman can know where to deliver the products to, and how to contact you onces he has reached your location
  • You can tap on Save address to save the address for future use
  • You can tap on Use GPS to locate to let the app automatically locate your current location via GPS and fill into the field Address

Phase 3: Payment method selection

  • After you have input the shipping information, tap on Next. You will be directed to the Payment tab. On this tab, you can review the order one final time before confirming the order. You can select between the various payment methods: Credit card; E-wallet; Cash on Delivery
  • After selecting the appropriate payment method, tap on Confirm Payment. Congratulations! You have just successfully placed an order

Interactions with Placed Orders

View Order status

  • Right after placing an order, you will be navigated to Order tab. You can see the statuses of all orders you have placed. You can tap on the status filter icon at the top right to list out all possible order statuses, then tap on the wanted statuses to list all orders with those statuses
  • Below are the list of order statuses
Order statusDescription
PendingThe order has been submitted and is pending approval
RejectedThe order was rejected by the manufacturer
OpenThe order has been approved and assigned to the Delivery fleet
ShippedThe order has been successfully shipped to you
CanceledYou have canceled the order

Find order

  • You can find a particular by inpputing the Order code into the search field

Cancel Pending Orders

  • If an order has the status Pending, then you can cancel that order, by tapping on that order then tap on Cancel Order button on the Order details screen

Tracking order progress

  • Orders that have the status Open are those that have been approved by the Manufacturer. To view the current location of the vehicle which delivers those orders in real time, then on the Order Status screen, swipe down and tap on the text Tracking. You will be navigated to the Map screen. On the Map screen, the delivery vehicle will be represented by a vehicle symbol

Call/Message Deliveryman

  • On the map screen to track the delivery progress, you can either call or message the Deliveryman simply by tapping on the appropriate symbol