System Requirements

Web App General Requirement

  • Computer requirement:
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 or Apple macOS
  • CPU: Dual Cores and above
  • RAM: 4GB is the bare minimum. 8GB and above is preferred
  • Spreadsheet software: Microsoft Office version 2010 and above. Other spreadsheet softwares might have compatibility issues with our templates
  • Mobile device requirement (If you wish to access the Web app on your Mobile device):
  • iOS: 11 and above. The Web browser should be Safari
  • Android: Any device will work, as long as the Web browser is Chrome (Version 80 and above)
  • Other Web browsers apart from the ones mentioned above are not recommended
  • Input method: Users must use the Unicode character set and Unicode fonts when inputting data in the import Excel templates. Abivin vRoute Web App employs the Unicode character set. If you use other character sets when inputting data in the Excel templates, then after importing the data on the Web app will look different than the source data due to the character set incompatibility
  • For example: In the image below, I use the TCVN3 (ABC) character set and the .VnTime font, not a Unicode font. In the Customer import template, I intentionally input the Partner Name as Khách hàng. However, in the detection box of Excel, the real value is actually Kh¸ch hµng. This is the value that will display on the Web app after the template has been imported
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  • If I use the Unicode character set and Unicode fonts such as Arial; Times New Roman; Calibri, etc. then this issue will no longer occur
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Mobile App General Requirement

  • To run the Abivin vRoute Mobile app smoothly, we recommend users to use devices with these minimum system requirements:
  • iPhone: 5S and above; iOS 11; RAM: 1GB; Internal storage: 16GB
  • Android: Android 7.0; RAM: 2GB; Internal storage: 16GB
  • However, we strongly recommend you to equip mobile devices with the following specifications to avoid unwanted issues such as app crashing, app hanging, etc.:
  • iPhone: iPhone 7 and above; iOS 12 and above; RAM: 2GB; Internal storage: 16GB
  • Android: Android 9 and above; RAM: 3GB and above; Internal storage: 16GB