Convert Tool (Standalone)


This tool is currently developed for only one User account

  • If you use different Product and Order Excel templates than the ones used in Abivin vRoute system, we can support you to convert those template into Abivin vRoute standard templates, using a convert tool
  • The convert tool is a runnable HTML file. Upon opening that file, you will be greeted with the below screen:
  • To select the Excel template, click on the blue button Select file, then select the Excel template on your computer
  • Note: The Excel template must have the extension .xls, otherwise this tool will not be able to read it
  • Upon selecting the template, the tool will scan to see if there is any error, and will show a pop up to notify you
  • After you have successfully uploaded the original Excel template, click on the language button, select the appropriate language on the drop down menu (Currently supports English and Vietnamese). Then, you can either click on Download Product template or Download Order template button to download the Excel templates, now in Abivin vRoute standard, in the selected language
  • After the new Excel templates have been downloaded, you can then upload them to Abivin vRoute Web app