Jan 04, 2023 - Release Note


** Import Inventory

  • When importing Inventory, remove the required Parent Product Code column.
  • If the parent product code is empty, the column automatically assigns the parent value with the product value.
  • Also, this is not a required field in the template.

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to export order list.
  • Edit Style button for sync in Client Edit Mode.
  • Order list, packing, and picking errors in the close route model.
  • Import product selects all org but can't create orders in some repositories.
  • When Creating/Updating an Organization, Enter the Org Name field marked with '&', when saving it will become '&'.
  • An intersection divided into two stops for one vehicle.
  • ABV gets an ATNWHUB signal for a long time.
  • Show error message after syncing to TMS.