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Public Roadmap

Here we use the Discussion Forum as our Public Roadmap with the following tags: - Under Review: if a post has got more than 10 likes, we will look at comments in the forum and our Product Manager will gather our Product team of Analyst, Engineers and Testers to review the Discussion and come up with a Design Solution. - Planned: We move a Question to this stage once the Feature is planned with Date and assigned with our internal team for implementation on a future date. - In Progress: we are writing code, having coffee and testing it. Please stay tuned with the next release on Thursdays. - Launched: We have launched it in one of our Weekly Releases.

Can we have Orders for Container Freight Model?

Right now Abivin only applies for Container 3PL companies where Shipments are directly created to specify Legs and Stops. Need some way to create an order in this model so that once an order are confirmed (e.g. with Accounting), the order can be converted to a Shipment.

Using Community Forum for Feature Requests

Hello there! Thank you for your interest with Abivin! We are using this forum to discuss about any potential feature requests to make our product Abivin vRoute truly grate for Supply Chain Management! Please help to contribute your ideas or just ask us any question! Thanks, Long

Spanish translation

how do I translate your software into spanish?