Nov 22, 2022 - Release Notes

New features

Pricing Plan on

  • Four pricing plans with varied offers to suit your enterprise's resources and needs.
  • 7-day free trial (non-applicable for Enterprise plan). After the free trial, you will be charged monthly until the registered plan is canceled.
  • Secure payment method using your credit card.
  • New vRoute account created upon your payment. Start route planning immediately.

Our pricing plans and varied offers

Client Edit Mode on vRoute


  • Helps improving system performance when executing Move Orders, Move Stops.

Enabling Client Edit Mode and Utilizing Its Features:

  • Configuration in Manufacturer: Navigate to Organizations Module > Organizations Resource > Edit > More Configurations > Route > Click Edit mode Route Plan
  • A toggle to switch on/off Edit mode on your Mapview
  • Allows you to view history of your edits on Route Plans and visualizes changes.


Web App

  • Automatically Finalizing Shifts: in Planning Module, shifts are automatically finalized after your drivers submit their final task of the day. After shifts are finalized, you will not be able to unlock and modify route plans.
  • Options for Date format: in Settings Module > Custom Import Resource, you can choose your preferred format for Date fields instead of following one fixed format. Mentioned Date fields are: Depot Pickup Date, Origin Order Date, Estimated Delivery Date, PO Due Date, POD Target Date.

Mobile App

  • When logged into mobile app, users at administration levels can view lists of orders sorted by date. Driver names are displayed beneath order codes.

Several bug fixes